We take your staff safe and on time!

Jetty adapts to the needs of your organization under different schemes to achieve the best results.

Jetty, Tecnología


With the Jetty app, it's easier to review and book your trips. You can also monitor the location of your Jetty.

Premium vehicles

All have seat belts in all seats, AC, USBs, GPS, and security cameras.

Professional Drivers

All go through a strict selection process that includes interviews, toxicological examinations and psychometric evaluations.

Benefits for your organization

Increase productivity

Traveling by Jetty can rest during the trip or catch up with your emails.

Social responsability

Promotes the use of greener transport.

Big savings

With Jetty, you can save on the cost of transfers and parking.

Use Jetty as a recruiting weapon

Transportation is one of the most important factors in accepting a job.

Jetty is not a traditional transport service

We offer you different schemes to adapt to the needs of your organization:

• Promote Jetty services. We can create you a discount code

• Quote exclusive services for people in your organization.

• Subsidize a part or 100% of trips from your collaborators.

Our clients: