We take your team
safe and on time!

At Jetty we adapt to the needs of your company under different modalities to achieve the best results.

Jetty, Nuestros vehículos

Your safety, our priority

We have strict hygiene and safety protocols in all our vehicles:


We reinforce cleaning and disinfection. We prioritize points of contact: handles, handrails, glasses, doors etc. before and after each trip.

Trained drivers

All our drivers are prepared and informed with all preventions measures.

Temperature measurement and sanitizer dispenser

Before boarding the vehicle, the driver will check the temperature of all passengers (it cannot exceed 36.9ºC or 99 ºF). We will also provide hand sanitizer.

Masks required

All passengers must wear face masks. It is necessary to adjust it so that it covers the nose and mouth.

Distance between passengers

Safety and comfort between passengers.

Drive location

All our vehicles are monitored in real time.


Route desing

We optimize the routes for a better travel experience.

Customer service

Receive attention from our support team before, during and after each trip.

Be productive during your commutes

By using Jetty you can work or rest on the go. Happy commutes increase motivation!

Social responsability

By using Jetty you help to promote a more sustainable city for the benefit of the environment.

Low Costs

With Jetty, you save the costs of trips and parking.

A recruitment bonus

Having transportation is an important factor when choosing a job since it improves the quality of life and the work environment.


With our app,it's easy to review and book your trips. You can also track the live location of your Jetty.

Professional drivers

Our drivers go through a strict screening process that includes interviews, drug tests, and psychometric evaluations.


We offer you different options, you choose the one that best suits your needs.


Jetty, Tecnología

Shared services:

Tickets: We reserve your trips, you choose routes and day/time from our many options available.

Adding balance to your account: Add the desired balance to your employees´accounts. This balance can be used in any trip available on the app.


We allow you to create exclusive and private trips and routes, only available for those people you request. We take care of the trip logistics, this service is completely customizable.