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When you choose to implement our technology, you get various benefits, such as having the option to customize the application and the administrative platform, both for users and for internal operations. We can adapt to your needs!

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If you work with: School transportation, personnel transportation, public transit or government agency.

App features

When you purchase Jetty technology, you get a ready-to-use product with multiple benefits for you and your users.

Continuous updates
Our specialty is technology and as you know it evolves constantly. Our team works everyday on improving and updating our platform.

We have the infrastructure to work with different types of services, and all of them are totally customizable: flexible routes, fixed routes, price changes, etc.

Additional assistance
Our platform allows drivers to be aware in case a user has special needs with the intention of always providing the best experience to the users.

No need for expensive equipment
Heavy investments in hardware is not necessary, since we only require a smartphone to offer the service.

Keep your brand
Your brand, logo and identity will always be a fundamental and predominant part of the app.

Jetty Caracteristicas App

Platform features

Validated by real users, which significantly reduces the risk of implementing new technology.

Real-time reporting
You will have access to the administration platform, which will allow you to have visibility of real-time data or KPIs (sales, users, ratings, etc.). These inputs will lead to data-driven decision making.

Platform as a service
Our clients use the same platform but with a different configuration, this makes it highly efficient in terms of costs and time. Additionally, you will have access to updates and new features as soon as they are available.

Scalable Model
All our technology works in the cloud, so in addition to having access to world-class infrastructure, we can increase capacity as we grow together.

Focus on users and not on tickets
With our technology, you can go from a ticket-based model to a user-based model. This allows you to have much more information about your usage trends and needs.

Jetty Plataforma App

At Jetty we accompany you throughout the process, our clients have access to experts to ensure the best implementation of the technology, receiving: onboarding, training on the use of the application for drivers, supervisors, administrators, monitoring and support.

Benefits for your users

If you want to improve the service experience for your users, we provide you with the tools to achieve it, and thus, give more value to your service.

Add value
Provide your users with technology to monitor their trips, put schedules and points of ascent and descent.

Improve the service
With technology you will have a more efficient, reliable and better service optimizing the frequencies of your routes and schedules in all your services.

Driver evaluation
Supervise your drivers and know their performance thanks to the feedback provided by your users.

GPS location
Locate all your units in real time.

Training for drivers
Receive training and courses for customer service and gender perspective for all your drivers.

Jetty beneficios para usuarios

We have three types of service

Jetty transporte de personal

Staff and school transportation

Do you want to offer your customers greater added value?

Jetty transporte público

Public transit

If you want to acquire all the advantages to get the maximum potential from your transit concession.

Jetty transporte gobierno


Do you want to improve the transit system in your city?

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If you work with: School Transportation, Corporate Transportation, Public Transit or Government Agency.

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At the moment you choose Jetty you start enjoying the city, since we take care of supervising your trips in real time while offering you the highest quality standards.

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